Dean Ambrose came out to start things off. The fans gave him a worm welcome. It felt really good to see the Lunatic Fringe back in home. He entered the ring and enjoyed the reaction of the fans for a while.

Then he shouted that he was not dead and the fans cheered very loud. He confirmed that he was far from death and he was back in home. He talked about the incident which drove him out from WWE. He talked about how Kane and Seth Rollins attacked him two on one and he could appreciate the two on one assault on him for stomping his head through the cinder blocks and it was pretty cool.

Ambrose showed the footage of the attack where Kane and Seth Rollins assaulted on him and smashed his head through the cinder blocks. This assault kept him out of action for a month. After the end of the footage he said that he was quite glad of himself that the authority took him as an enemy of them and it kind of made him think about himself that he was special.

But he was not satisfied and he got hold a grudge and he was sick of the authority protecting their little golden child Seth Rollins. But tonight, he was authority and he was not living this ring until he got his hands on Seth Rollins because he never got tired of punching Seth Rollins in the face.

Dean Ambrose threw the microphone away and went outside of the ring. He took the steel chair in his hand and came back into the ring, he placed the chair inside and sat on it. The fans broke into ‘Ambrose’ chants.

After a while, John Cena’s music hit and fifteen times former World Champion came out to the arena. Cena received mixed reaction from the fans. As Cena entered the ring Dean Ambrose said that he was really bothered with the fact that Cena was standing with him in the same ring right now. He told John Cena not to give him a reason not to like him.

Cena said that both of them had similar agenda. Seth Rollins did his best to take Dean Ambrose out, but last night at Night on Champion John Cena had Brock Lesnar beaten. He was the one to beat the one until Seth Rollins showed up, Cena abused Seth Rollins. Cena should be holding the WWE championship right now. But he was not because of Seth Rollins. So on that night he was going to cash in his a** kicking in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins. He went a little closer to Dean and said that no one was going to stop him.

Dean Ambrose smiled at Cena and said that he got him once before, so he advised Cena not to come into his way. Cena opened his T shirt to to show that he was ready for the fight, even if he had to fight Dean. Dean also started opening his coat as the music of Triple H hit.

The authority; Triple H, Kane, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Stephanie McMahon came out. Triple H wanted them relax before they break into a pinch fight on something that they had no control over. They were both want looking for a fight against Seth Rollins but that was not going to happen on that night. Seth Rollins would not be fighting anybody but they two would. Triple H was about to make an announcement before John Cena stopped him by saying that on that night he was going to get it by himself.

John Cena and Dean Ambrose rushed towards the authority, they both attacked Seth Rollins. Kane and Randy Orton spread their hands to help out Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose and john Cena did not let these two members of the authority go either. All five superstars broke into a fight.

Kane and Randy Orton kept John Cena and Dean Ambrose busy in a fight outside the ring as Seth Rollins ran inside the ring. John Cena and Dean Ambrose chased Seth Rollins behind. Seth quickly left the ring and entered into the crowd. Ambrose chased Rollins behind and got Rollins, but pushed him back and left the arena. Dean Ambrose followed him behind.

Triple h, Kane, Randy Orton and Stephanie McMahon stood in the arena in utter shock, they could not believe what actually happened.

Views of the backstage were shown now where John Cena and Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins tried to fight Cena and Ambrose for a while but when he saw that it was impossible for him he decided to escape. Seth somehow entered the garage as Cena and Ambrose followed him behind. Seth Rollins entered a car and left, Ambrose and Cena tried to get in the car but they could get inside, Seth Rollins was able to escape at the end.



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