John Cena came out to the arena. mixed reaction showed by fans, mostly booed him. He tried to excite the fans first. He said that last night was an epic night. It might not be end of John Cena vs. Randy Orton but it certainly was one of the chapters of all. Two men went through hell for an opportunity, a single opportunity to face the beast, an opportunity to be the best.

Cena said that last night at Hell in a Cell he defeated Randy Orton and he earned the opportunity to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Brock Lesnar sat at home and thought he was a champion, Cena was there every night fighting like a champion, and next time he went one on one with him, Lesnar would lose.

He said that from now on, whatever he did would be a statement for Brock Lesnar just like last night. He went through a twelve times world champion and a future hall of famer inside hell in a cell.

Cena talked about Seth Rollins, Mr. Money in the Bank and the self proclaimed future of the WWE got a first class wake up call, because the future was not tomorrow, neither next month nor next month. If he claimed himself as the future Cena would go through the future, because Seth Rollins was going one on one with him on that night.

Stephanie interfered and entered the ring. Stephanie McMahon first congratulated Cena for his victory last night and she could not wait for the main event of that night, but she also could not wait for Survivor Series where they would see a traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match.

Stephanie said that she had a business proposition for him. He worked so hard. He worked so hard to get cheered by the fans. But he did not have to do it. She asked if she could hear when they chant ‘Cena sucks.’ She said that she did not want to offend her, she wanted to do what was best for business. It did not matter if they cheer his name right now, they actually loved to see him in pain, they loved to see him suffering, they loved to see him in bloods.

She said that he did all those things for their appreciation. But it did not have to be that hard. He could join the authority. She accepted that it sonded crazy, but in the authority, he would be respected. She said that she was going to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, he was going to face a man who beat him up before. But she thought the authority might offer him a little bit of insurance. They might help guaranty a victory.

She gave another proposal, the winner of Seth Rollins vs. John Cena could be the captain of team authority. They could give him the power that he desperately deserved. He deserved respect. He deserved to be a part of their family.

Cena completely disagreed to her proposal and said that whatever he did was because he loved it, he did not seek anything to gain from the fans. He was a part of the fans and he loved being it. The fans were not there for him. He was there for all of them. Cena said that she was asking to be a sell out.

Stephanie McMahon said that she was asking him to ensure his legacy. She was asking him to join the authority and to be a part of something bigger for the rest of his life because when he lost, these people did not care for him, they did not even remember John Cena. But they could help him to make people remember his name. Cena said that he did not want to be remembered as a sell out, so his answer was no.

Triple H came out to the arena and entered the ring. He said to Stephanie that he would not listen to her. He asked Cena how long he had been in the WWE, if the equation was twelve years. It would go harder and harder every single year.

He said that it was all about doing the right thing. Triple H said that he knew Cena was really smart. He said that this kind of conversation might not be matter to him, he might have to prove it to you that he could not stop the future. He told Cena to have it on his way, work against the authority. At Survivor Series, they were going to make an example out of him.

They would have team authority, and he asked Cena to feel free to find someone who was ready to stand against the authority, because at Survivor Series, team Authority would face John Cena’s team. Whatever the thing was, Cena could not fight the future, the future would go through him. Whether that would be tonight, or at Survivor Series because they control the future, the authority was the future. Cena accepted it or not, the authority always won.



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