Roman Reigns came out from the crowd as the show started. Reigns grabbed and said that he came in the ring with some point. Triple H said that he put him into the fatal four way match at Battleground because it was best for business. Maybe things he could neutralize John Cena which he could, maybe things Kane could neutralize but he could not, Randy Orton also had a chance to walk out with the title, but he would not.

Reigns assessed as attack and he had assessed such situations a thousand times before. He understood that he was a wanted man around the place but it was impossible to break him down. The fans started chanting ‘Cena Sucks’. Reigns said when Roman Reigns was in the house, Cena did suck.

He did not care what the authority wanted from this match because that was irrelevant, what Randy Orton wanted from that was irrelevant because Reigns was not a anyone else but the next WWE World Heavyweight champion. And he wanted everyone to ‘Believe That’.

The pyro’s hit and Kane came out. Kane stood on the entrance stage and started at Reigns. Both started at each other for a while (I seriously do not know why they do not allow Kane to talk when he is in the mask. His mic skill is currently one of the best among all the superstars in the current WWE roster) Reigns asked him if he was standing on behalf of the authority in their absence. He also asked if he was still the Devil’s Favorite Demon, because it seemed more like if he was Triple H’s lap dog. He said that he needed to correct himself, he said that Kane looked more like Randy Orton’s bi*ch.

The compliments made Kane really angry he and made his way towards the ring and Reigns went for him too. Both started fighting each other. The fight went inside the crowd. The officials came out to stop the two when Kane looked to be the stronger of the two. Kane choke slammed one of the officials which delighted the fans. More officials came out to prevent them. Between the other officials there were Finlay and Irwin R. Schyster. Reigns took out the officials that were blocking him, he speared Finlay. As Kane quickly tried to attack him he nailed him with the Superman punch. Kane decided not to go for another fight and escaped slowly.



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