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WWE Raw five-point preview: May 2, 2016

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    Last night at WWE Payback, the chairman of the board Vince McMahon was there to decide who will be in charge of WWE Raw from now on. Quite shockingly he left by putting them both in control. We have seen just thereafter that they both were trying to put over their dominance in the main event later that night. What will the siblings have in store on WWE Raw from St. Louis, MO? (courtesy wwe.com)

    Will Shane and Stephanie be able to co-exist on WWE Raw?
    The million dollar question is now that Vince has told the siblings to sort it out on their own, will the Billion Dollar Princess and WWE’s prodigal son be able to co-host Raw with putting aside their personal issues? With Shane and Stephanie both in control of WWE’s flagship show of Monday Night Raw, hell must have been freezing since after the decision was made. While the main event has ended in a melee with all the Uso brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson getting involved in the match, Stephanie suggested the match to take place at Extreme Rules. Shane took it one step further by making it extreme rules match. How will they be able to co-exist as the “new era” moves forwards?

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