This week WWE Raw will be hosted live from RESCH CENTER
GREEN BAY, WI as a special Memorial Day edition where the franchise of the WWE, John Cena officially enters the new era of WWE. Now, it’s been quite a while now as we have seen the Cenation leader inside the squared circle and he is returning when the landscape of the WWE is on the verge of to change entirely with the brand split just a few days away. So what awaits when Cena returns live on WWE Raw tonight? Take a look at the Raw preview:



Will former brethren collide?

The architect has returned and made an emphatic statement by putting down his former shield brethren and the reigning WWE World heavyweight champion Roman Reigns with whom he has a score to settle with. Now, indeed, he had his own claim to the title shot as he had never lost the championship belt. So, granted by Shane Rollins will put his money on the Money in the Bank PPV to win back what was his title? So, considering their history, can we expect that they will start throwing their fists without keeping their cool?

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