Last week The Beast incarnate showed up and showed he is ready to take on the Hell tour to the next level as The Phenome is an awaiting with a road block for him. Now, this week RAW comes to the windy city, so we can definitely expect some brawl. John Cena did win as the US champ, but he got beat up to BIG E. The new day are in a roll lately and hope to keep their momentum. Though the Dudleyz is capable of turning the tables any day. And can Summer Rae progress one step further to marry Rusev? As the “Hell road” only 2 weeks away here’s what we can expect from tonight’s RAW.




The New Day spreading #POP:

John Cena got the dose of Power of Positivity 2 weeks continuously as Xavier Woods and Big E both got their hands on Cena for the US title. This week Kofi may take the chance and given with that Cena is taking time off after Hell in a Cell the title change can happen any day now. And no one in the locker room is quite capable of matching up their steps with the New Day. As they seemed to take the upper hand with every week passing by it will be interesting to see can the Dudleys neutralize them or their trombone will go on?



A hell of an ultimatum:

Last week Seth Rollins got a sigh of relief as Stephanie let him a chance o get rid of both Corporate and Demonic Kane at Hell in a Cell with the stipulation being added to the WWE World heavyweight championship match that if Demon Kane loses then Corporate Kane will be relieved from his duties. But the Big Red Machine had really got into Rollin’s head by playing mind games. Can the Architect play some of his own mind games as Hell in a Cell comes closer? 



Will the Beast show up or the Giant prevail?

Big Show was looking literally unstoppable until he entered the Suplex City twice back at MSG live and last week’s RAW. This week’s has a least chance to show up the beast and probably Big Show will gain the upper hand again as he is back in the line in the Beast’s list. So the giant has something to regain and it will be interesting to see who will his “feast” as he is waiting with his fist.



Summer Rae – Rusev saga continues:

TMZ recently confirmed that Rusev and his real-life girlfriend Lana is engaged now whereas in the ring his hot Summer has officially wanted to be his bride last week. The Bulgarian Brute is having a good time indeed. The in ring story looks quite without steam as Rusev’s much of the focus is on title hunt. Though Summer earnestly wants to make a man out of the giant will she get a chance to make an upper hand for Rusev In the matches to make the process further to insert him into one title match. Also, it looks like Lana’s return is just a matter of time.




Make way for the “Boss”:

Sasha Banks is on fire right now, even the Divas’ is not quite up to match up with her. “The Boss” even made tap out the longest Divas’ champion in the history on Smackdown and almost single-handedly had taken out the Bellas last week on Raw. As team BAD is quite in the hunt to take the upper hand from both PCB and The Bellas it looks like the Divas’ title match can be changed into triple threat or a fatal 4 way. Will the Boss retain her winning streak?


Also, the Big Dog Roman reigns is set to take on his rivalry with Bray Wyatt to the utmost level as Hell waits for them both. Surely their brawl will be a thing to watch out for.


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