WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena came out to the arena. The fans thoroughly booed him. John Cena taunted with the championship and went inside the ring. John Cena stared at the crowd and pretended like he was really astonished to see people booing him, like he had never been booed before. He took the name of the local arena to excite the fans but it was not enough to avoid the hatred. Cena said when last week plan C was unveiled before him and the world was he hoped never happened, which was Brock Lesnar.

He said that he was a marked man by the WWE authority, they wanted the WWE World Heavyweight championship off of his neck so badly that they hired a mercenary. His opponent at Summerslam was ‘the’ Brock Lesnar. He said that last week Paul Heyman talked very awkwardly of the WWE universe, about those who supported Cena and those who did not. And the WWE universe enjoyed whatever he said because they wanted to see Brock Lesnar beating the hell out of John Cena. This excited the fans and they cheered. They started chanting ‘Yes’.

Cena said that he was certainly not deaf and he knew who his opponent was. Brock Lesnar was the most devastating force in the WWE history. He destroy whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Forty man had been able to say that they were WWE champions, but there was only one beast who say that he beat the streak.

Cena was going to face that beast at Summerslam and Paul Heyman was right, for once, he spoke the truth; at Summerslam he was going to get the beating of a lifetime. He knew that at Summerslam he was going to get his a** kicked at Summerslam. But he would not give up, he was going to fight Brock Lesnar and he would beat him just like he did in 2012. He said that neither the authority nor the fans realized what would happen to the championship if he became champion. Nobody could control him, not the fans, not the authority and certainly not Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman came out and fans were really excited hear his voice. Heyman said that his name was Paul Heyman and at Summerslam his client Brock Lesnar would conquer John Cena and take away his championship. He said that John Cena did not know what beating he was going to have at Summerslam and he was going to be a victim soon. He faced a lot of names, he won, he lost, he came back with the vengeance, but he was never been victimized.

He asked if he knew how it seemed to be victimized. He said that he could ask the Undertaker. But nobody heard anything from the Undertaker since WrestleMania, nobody in which state or condition he was in right now. John Cena wanted to defend his championship and his client Brock Lesnar wanted to conquer him and that was the difference. Brock Lesnar would not only pin John Cena, he would victimize John Cena ruthlessly and mercilessly.

Heyman said that Cena loved to the champion, he loved to be in that ring, but Brock Lesnar loved to force pain into his victim. When Cena would wake up after the beating he would receive at Summerslam he would no longer be the champion, all he would be was beaten, victimized and conquered.

Cena said that Heyman said the word passion. It was something that even Heyman could understand, because the voice of the fans increased every time when the chant ECW. Whenever Heyman heard that it brought a smile to his face. Both of them lived in passion, it was the life for him. He loved to be in WWE, he might get beaten but this was his passion. Brock lesnar had no passion about all these but himself. John Cena would walk out as the champion and it would walk out as the champion from Summerslam.

Cesaro’s music hit and Cesaro came out. He hugged Heyman and said that even Heyman and him decided to go separate ways, he would not let him insult his friend like this. He said that Cena was pathetic, his gestures and outfits were pathetic as well. Cena was about to come out and fight Cesaro straight but Cesaro asked him to stop and said that Cena could not wrestle. The fans were really excited to hear this. And how about he prove it in a match then. Cena accepted the challenge.

Paul Heyman was about to say something but Cena prevented him and said that it would be an honor for the man who could not wrestle to wrestle the one belonged from the circus and beat the hell out of him. Cesaro hugged Heyman again and went towards the ring to fight the WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena.


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