WWE Raw video: Dean Ambrose goes mad against the Wyatts
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WWE Raw video: Dean Ambrose goes berserk against Braun Strowman

  • Earlier the night the ECW legend Terry Funk gave advice to the Lunatic Fringe about going extremely at the grandest stage of them all. But, Braun Strowman should thank Dean himself that he did use only a chair on WWE Raw and did not bring out Terry Funk’s chainsaw to make a statement against the biggest Wyatt of them all after a grueling battle in WWE Raw’s main event.

    Paul Heyman was present alongside the ring whose client Brock Lesnar will take on the Lunatic Fringe at Mania in a No holds barred street fight but that did not prevent Dean to going berserk against the mountain of a man that Strowman is. Dean made his statement ahead of the presence of the beast on this week’s Smackdown when he hit the superhuman dirty deeds to the black sheep on the chair which left Heyman speechless. (WWE Raw results are courtesy wwe.com and wrestlezone.com)

    Here are the full results of the WWE Raw main event:

    Strowman applies a nerve hold. Strowman picks up Ambrose for a powerbomb, but Ambrose wiggles off Strowman’s shoulder. Ambrose hits a middle rope dropkick. Strowman misses a shoulder block in the corner. Ambrose rolls to the outside and grabs a chair. Ambrose hits Strowman in the head with it.

    After the match, Ambrose wears Strowman out with the chair. Ambrose manages to hit dirty deeds on the steel chair to lay out Strowman.

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