The main event of RAW was all set as Roman Reigns was scheduled to face his old opponent. Now, obviously, we did expect that the League of Nations would eventually interfere in the match. But, what we did witness was unthinkable as the Game single-handedly destroyed Reigns in a bloody encounter. (courtesy

Triple H made that abundantly clear at the end of Raw’s main event, which began as Reigns vs. Sheamus bout turned quickly into a beating of the No. 1 contender by The Game. Triple H made it his business to make sure Reigns never makes it to Dallas once The Celtic Warrior had beaten The Big Dog down.

Here are the full results of the match (courtesy

The final moments saw some brawl like never before. Sheamus Irish curse backbreakers Reigns. Sheamus misses the brogue kick and Reigns Superman punches him. Sheamus rolls to the outside of the ring. roman Reigns follows and spears Sheamus out of his boots.

Triple H’s music hits and Triple H walks out on the ramp in jeans and a leather jacket. Reigns meets him and they brawl outside the ring. Reigns Superman punches Triple H and then clotheslines him over the barricade. Roman follows Triple H, but Triple H hits Reigns in the head with the ring bell. The King of Kings took Reigns apart piece by piece, jabbing him in the throat with the timekeeper’s bell and pounding his face over and over into the commentary table until his nose bled. Reigns is busted open. Referees and medical staff attend to Reigns. Triple H tosses the referees out of the way and pedigrees Reigns on the steel steps.



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