Nia Jax has been absent from WWE TV ever since the Survivor Series PPV has passed.

Being an active entity in the Raw women’s division, many of the fans started wondering her status in the company. Previously, she was supposed to be dealing with a backstage heat, as well that led to the rumours of her career getting ended.

But, that came to an end after she was back on WWE TV on last week’s WWE Raw. With the indications are given on the show, a bigger storyline might be in-store for the behemoth of the female roster. But, she was seen in a different capacity where she has been kept away from the storylines featuring the female stars. For now, The Absolution are the headliners of the show with Paige in the lead.

Nia Jax was seen in a backstage segment with the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore. She appeared after the leader of Zo-train gave a battle cry to his fellow 205 Live heel superstars and flirted with him. Apparently, this might turn out to be the Samoan Superstar’s first romantic storyline ever in the WWE.

The possibility of seeing these two together came after Nia uttered “how u doin’” which is the catchphrase of Enzo Amore, himself. It made the champion uncomfortable and hinted about the angle getting taken forward.

Also, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter gave a positive indication of this angle stating the possible reason owing to which the creative team might arrange this storyline for Nia Jax. They want to keep the big superstar away from The Absolution, for now. It will protect Nia’s character on WWE Raw, whereas, she will also allow continuing the momentum of the faction.

It is not the first time that a star from Monday Night Raw will get involved on 205 Live show. Previously, Alicia Fox got paired with Noam Dar in a romantic angle. This allowed bringing some main roster footage getting used on the Cruiserweight show. For now, another member of the women’s division will get used in the same capacity. It would also allow Nia to show her acting skills in a particular storyline reserved for her.

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