Seth Rollins came out to the arena. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Dean Ambrose brought a mannequin of Seth and had fun with it. This time Seth brought a number of corpses which were placed on tables inside the ring.

Seth told Dean that Dean came out to the arena earlier this week and he thought he was the only one with the bag of tricks. But as usual, Seth was one step ahead of him, Seth taught Dean everything he knew. They could all call him a sell out. The fans started chanting ‘You Sold Out!’ again. Seth said that he might be sold out, but the truth was he bought in to a concept that was extremely foreign to every single one of the fans, and that was Winning.

Seth said that he was a born winner and this Sunday at Hell in a Cell he was going to win. He might not have participated in a Hell in a Cell match but he was the student of the game, and he understood that there was only one rule inside Hell in a Cell and that was there were no rules.

He wanted to give a little preview of what he was going to do to Dean Ambrose at this Sunday Hell in a Cell. He picked up the handcuffs and said that he might bind Dean using them to see the looks on his face when he realized that he had no where to run and no where to hide.

Seth now picked up a screw driver, he might use them to deflect Dean’s over sized ego to prove that he had been a screwed up all along. He picked up a pipe and said that he was going to beat Ambrose into a pop.

Then Seth picked up a steel chair. He asked Dean if he remembered how it felt. He wanted to Dean to remind of the night in which he decimated him with that chair and proved that he was the leader and he was the backbone of the Shield.

Seth said that they could settle that right here and right now. He said that it was exactly what he said that he was going to do, he called out Ambrose. He said that he was right in the center of the ring.

Nobody responded. Seth said that he knew Dean would not come out, he said that Ambrose was all talk. But he might have learnt things from Seth, he would not come out because he was afraid, and he got it, if he were Ambrose he would not want the same thing to happen to him what happened on Raw, because for Seth, future was a very bright place. But for Dean, it was what it had always been, ‘along ride straight to hell’.

Seth showed the footage of last week’s Raw. As soon as the footage ended, Ambrose attacked Seth with a Kendo Stick. He started assaulting on Seth, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury tried to stop him but Ambrose grounded them. Seth fought back, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble also started beating Dean Ambrose. Dean fought back again and attempted to power bomb Seth through a table, Jamie Noble blocked him, Seth escaped as Dean beat down Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.


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