Shocking: Ellsworth cost Dean Ambrose championship, again
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WWE Smackdown Live Results With Videos: December 6, 2016

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    Last night’s Smackdown Live was hosted by the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The night was expected to witness all the fall-outs from the TLC PPV. Some new feuds were supposed to begin taking the storylines forward, plus, a WWE World title match was announced between James Ellsworth and AJ Styles. Here’re the results from the night:

    AJ Styles Kicked Off The Night

    The WWE World Heavyweight champion AJ Styles’ music hit to kick off the night. He came out with the crowd heavily booing him. Styles addressed his injury he picked up during the TLC title match against Ambrose. James Ellsworth came down to the ring and started jumping around. He said he is overjoyed that he will beat him for his title later the night. Ambrose came out and Ellsworth went to shake his hand but instead the latter got a low blow following a Dirty Deeds.


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