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WWE Smackdown Results: 5th November 2015

  • Smackdown opened up this week with Zeb Colter and Del Rio cutting a promo for Mex-America nation. They went on saying that there no haters allowed in this country as they this is the nation that are striving to rise above and invited more people to join along with them.


    Alberto Del Rio vs. Neville

    Then one match followed with Neville. While it seemed Neville would be able to outrage the leader of the Mex-America nation by hitting a Red Arrow the Essence of Excellence managed to turn the tables by trapping him upside down in the ropes. Then he picked up the victory leaping off the rope and stomping Neville off with both his feet.


    The Usos vs. The Ascension

    The Usos returned to Smackdown after several months. And they started to pick up from where they had left off with a flurry of kicks and high flying action. After taking Konor out of the ring with a superkick, a double superkick followed to make Viktor lay in the ring. Jey hit the Uso splash from the top rope to pick up the victory.


    Traditional Survivor Series match: The Wyatt Family vs. The Lucha Dragons and The Prime Time players

    After displaying the power, they absorbed from the souls of The Brothers of Destruction on RAW the Wyatt family was out for a 4-on-4 tag team elimination match as to remind of the traditional Survivor Series match. A match where the action would not stop until all the members of one team were eliminated, Wyatt family systematically destroyed each of their opponents.

    First the bear hug from Strowman makes Darren Young to answer the count of the Referee. Then Sin Cara was eliminated by the clothesline from Luke Harper. The numbers advantage came into play which allowed Eric Rowan to overcome the speed of Kalisto. And finally Titus O’Neil was finished off by a Sister Abigail from Bray Wyatt.

    King Barrett vs. Ryback

    This was a showdown of two strong guys. After sending Ryback’s shoulder into the post, King Barrett managed to gain some momentum. But he failed to pin the Big Guy after a big boot to the face. Ryback countered the royal Bull-hammer with a blasting shell-shocked to pick up the win.

    Team BAD member Tamina vs. Natalya

    Earlier the show, Natalya challenged the “leader” of team BAD to face her in the ring. Now there was a lot of confusion between Naomi and Sasha Banks over the fact who was the leader of the group. The confusion was put down for this week as Tamina volunteered herself into the match. Despite the distraction made by Sasha and Naomi outside the ring, the Queen of Hearts managed to pick up the win when she gave a boot to Tamina while she was going to give a splash and then rolled her up for the count.


    Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

    They eventually met backstage previously in the show where Ambrose reminded that he pinned Owens on this week’s RAW. Owens told that there was a huge difference in a ten man brawl and a one-on-one contest and thus we headed to this week’s Smackdown main event.

    In this interesting drag-out main event, Dean Ambrose delivered a kick to Owens. But the Prizefighter made it seem his adversary had hit him with a low blow and thereby disqualifying the Lunatic Fringe and giving Owens the win. However, the replay was shown again and there was nothing wrong with the kick. Ambrose delivered a post-match assault to have his retribution and sent Owens packing.

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