WWE Smackdown: Chris jericho destroys Y2AJ
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WWE Smackdown video: Y2AJ goes down in flame

  • Chris Jericho was the least concerned with the packed crowd booing him out of the building after what he did to AJ Styles on RAW and shocked the world by turning against him. Just three days after the “trifecta of codebreaker” attack to the WWE’s hot favorite superstar the ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla addressed the WWE universe to describe his actions on Smackdown.

    Focusing the bitterness towards the Universe he accused each one of them of disrespecting him despite his performances in the tag matches while teaming up with AJ styles. Chris Jericho reminded everyone that he is the veteran one and in spite of that the fans chose The Phenomenal One over him with their chants of “AJ Styles.”

    Jericho has seen this story before, a new guy comes in he’s the next big thing then he disappears after three months because he can’t excel at the level that Jericho does. Jericho says that he’s not the next big thing in the WWE, he’s the only thing in WWE. The Best in the World at what he does and don’t you ever forget that. Y2AJ was something special and he and the fans ruined it. (results courtesy wrestlezone.com and wwe.com)

    Jericho did not stop with that only as he burnt down a “Y2AJ” written t-shirt in the ring to officially let us know that their tag team is over. He then guaranteed that his former tag team partner’s career will go up in flames, and he will be the one to light the fire.


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