Smackdown is not doing as bad as Raw but they are not doing very good either. The biggest thing they are lagging in is utilising AJ Styles, which they were capitalising very well when he was the heel. But after turning him the babyface, they are not being able to utilise him quite well.

AJ Styles is currently booked in a feud with Kevin Owens, who is arguably the top heel in the company right now. Smackdown has the best babyface and the best heel on their side and they are working in one feud, still, they are failing to generate a good heat. This is not how things should work. They must take out the best out of the two.

The thing that is affecting almost all of the feud right now is; they have connected almost all feuds to each other. And that should not happen. Every feud should move forward on separated paths.

This week, Sami Zayn needs to be booked in a singles match and they should have Sami won. Sami is jobbing even after joining Smackdown and it is not what the fans expected. We think Sami should come out with the victory over Baron Corbin at the Backlash, maybe by a roll up pin. Such a defeat will not affect Corbin’s career much.

Next up is the WWE championship. They are doing a good job in promoting Jinder Mahal as the main eventer. But Mahal’s bodyguards, the Singh Brothers look tiny. They need to be given a match this week where they come out victorious. This will not only boost up the Singh Brothers but Jinder’s stable too.

Jinder Mahal needs to be booked in a singles match this week also. So far they did a marvellous job in presenting Jinder strong, but since this is the final show before Backlash, they need to give the final big push to Jinder by having him won over some mid-carders. Mojo Rowley would certainly be the best option.

Since they are not booking Shinsuke Nakamura in a match before Backlash, they must book Dolph Ziggler in a match this week. Their match at Backlash is already too predictable, at least they should try to build Ziggler strong before the event.

Moving on to the Women’s feud; we think they should drop the title to Natalya this week. They are not booked in a title match but Naomi needs to drop the title. Naomi should not be presented as the top babyface woman of Smackdown, it should be Charlotte.

So, Naomi losing the title to Natalya and Charlotte winning it from Natalya would make sense.


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