WWE TLC 2016: See what the WWE Universe was buzzing about
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WWE TLC 2016: Twitter Reacts As AJ Styles Retains His Title After James Ellsworth’s Interference

  • Fans were once pleased with the decisions made by the WWE creative for the TLC PPV. The fan-pleasing decisions have become a tradition for the Smackdown exclusive PPVs and they continued with it. Furthermore, it opened plenty of options for creating new feuds on the blue brand from Tuesday onwards.

    The rivalry between Nikki Bella and Carmella is supposed to be over as Natalya was revealed as the attacker of Nikki at the Survivor Series PPV. In the other women’s match, Bliss rightfully won the title since she overshadowed Becky with her heel tactics. The crowd was also pleased to see her with the title.

    Furthermore, Wyatt family were the deserving candidates for the Tag Team title. They would bring back the prestige to the Smackdown Tag Team title going forward. Bray Wyatt won his first title in WWE career, which was an even more pleasant decision for the fans.

    The shocker was stored for the end of the night when Ellsworth turned on Dean Ambrose to cost him the title. This ended the night with plenty of questions left. From TLC onwards, Ambrose is likely to start a new rivalry with Ellsworth. Meanwhile, here’s what the fans talked about the PPV:

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