WWE TLC turned out to be a decent PPV, overall. The show witnessed a great startup with Asuka’s debut. She was given a worthy entrance to hype up the match. But, the crowd expected this one to be a squash one. Instead, Emma pulled up some significant efforts to make this contest a boring one. So, the opening contest did not live up to the hype.

But, the matchup between AJ Styles and Finn Balor made that up for the audience. You need to understand that there were no promos, buildups or any hypes around this contest. Despite that, the audience got fully involved in the battle from the get going. Both the two in-ring technicians delivered to the greatest extent to give a 5-star match.

The other matches were decent ones, as all of them came up with predictable outcomes. Even Enzo winning the title for the second time fell to a big extent. In contrast, the segments between Elias and Jason Jordan were good ones despite being impromptu contests.

The Shield got their usual entrance despite Roman Reigns getting replaced by Kurt Angle. It was able to cheer the audience up for the main event match. The GM was not ready fully for the contest, and he was kept off for quite sometimes via Strowman’s attack.

But, the match lived up to the hype with a big opening as well as a huge ending. The triple Shield powerbomb ended the contest with Angle acting like Reigns. He was the one to get the pinfall win against The Miz to end the show. Check out the Twitter reactions from TLC PPV.

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