A lot of boosts happened to the rumor mill due to the huge announcement of WWE that they are heading for a brand split come this July 19th. It was not that the fans were not waiting for the split to happen but the sudden announcement indeed turned out to be a shocker and made a lot of things turned upside down. With that being said, WWE is coming with an exciting night of the year known as Money in the Bank and rumors are flying with the event, too. The franchise, John Cena is returning today and that too kept us busy with speculations. Here are the sum ups of all the rumors. (courtesy SportsKeeda.com)


Huge Plans still set for AJ Styles

With the events that are taking place in the past few weeks, it is apparent that WWWE is high on few superstars. Dana Brooke, the Diva is on a high note, as of now. The rumor mill suggests that Bray Wyatt is another one who will benefit from the brand split. The third one is AJ Styles who despite the loss against Roman Reigns, is on the good books of Vince McMahon and will make it as the main event star in the upcoming months. The Universe is always behind the Phenomenal One and he will climb on with it, for sure.

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