Major swerve awaits for us with AJ Styles
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Revealed: AJ Styles’ possible Wrestlemania plans

  • WWE is gradually making up their mind with AJ Styles’ Wrestlemania opponent. Apparently, it’s now quite clear who will be the Phenomenal One’s opponent at the grandest stage. Reddit user falconarrow, the person that broke the story about a big surprise on RAW which eventually turned out being Shane McMahon, responded to a fan about the new Y2AJ t-shirt. (courtesy

    While addressing a fan wearing that particular t-shirt, falconarrow said: “I am really confused about why they have a shirt – especially considering they are facing each other at mania.

    Now in the past, these types of rumors have always turned out to be true and considering that the news might be legit. This means Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles could be the match that features on the WrestleMania card.

    As of now, Styles is set to feature in the tag team championship match with Jericho against the New Day on tonight’s RAW. But, Styles are eventually scheduled to turn on Jericho as per backstage reports. Rumor mills suggest that after his Wrestlemania match against Jericho Styles will cut a promo and introduce Finn Balor along his Bullet-proof stable to the main roster. We are yet to witness the much anticipated Bullet Club’s debut in WWE after they have bidden adieu to the New Japan pro-wrestling.

    Though there are conflict reports coming with the idea with the WWE Creative and Triple H. Hunter is said to be disagreed with the idea. And he first wants Balor to complete his stint in NXT and finish his match against Samoa Joe at NXT Takeover before landing up in the main roster.

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