PV Sindhu lost to Jung of Korea in thrilling three set match 17-21, 21-19 and 18-21 in the quarter final of BWF World Championship played at Jakarta just few moments. It was a thrilling match as both players exchanged point after point.

The first game was won by Sung with 21-17 after a good rallies and shots from both sides. In the second game Sindhu was in top form finishing well most of the time but Sung came back taking score to 8-8. A good rally ended in favor of Sung as Sindhu put the shuttle in net. Another good rally went in favor of Sindhu due to a brilliant shot down the lines another good rally ended with a super drop shot from Sindhu. Next rally ended in favor of Sung taking the score to10-10. At interval Sung led 11-10 as Sindhu put the shuttle in net after a brief rally.

After resuming another Super rally went to Sung. Sung kept finishing with perfect shots to take her score to 13. Sindhu hit a perfect on line shot to move ahead and equal the scorer at 13 all and also surged for wards to 14 but Sung came back after a long rally as Sindhu hit out from her base line. Sindhu earned her 15th point after another good rally but hit out the next rally to equal the score again at 15. Another excellent drop from the base line earned Sindhu her 16th point followed by another superb shot took her to 17. It was Sung’s turn to get her 16th point from a forceful shot. Sindhu got the next killer and also her 19th point with a great shot. Sindhu put the next rally in nets but steadies her position with great shot to move to 20-17. Next point came to Sung as Sindhu put in net. An excellent rally ended in favor of Sung. Sindhu won the second game with a cross court powerful shot. 

In the decider game sung surged ahead earning first 5 points as against 2 of Sindhu. Sindhu appeared a bit of out of form initially. But recovered to reach 6 points as Sung hit out once and in nets the second time. Once again Sung forged ahead to 9 with good rallies and finishes. Another excellent rally from Sindhu was put in net to give Sung her 10th point. Sindhu broke Sung’s service but put her serve in nets in an effort to go for a slow service. At interval Sung led 11-7. After the break Sung continued to score points with good efforts to move to 13. Sindhu won her 9th point with a smash shot but put in the. With a perfect end to a good rally earned Sindhu her 10th point but she was behind 5 points. A base line cross court shot on opponent’s service followed by another brilliant cross court shot took Sindhu to 12. Another good rally was put in net by Sindhu to take the score to 17-12 in favor of Sung. Two perfect placements by Sindhu took her to 14. A mis-judgement by Sindhu took Sung to 18. A superb shot after a brief rally by Sindhu followed by and other net placement moved her to 16. Another shuttle on the net got Sung her 19 th point followed by an excellent shot took to game and match point. The last point was also earned by drop shot after some rally. Thus Sindhu was out of contest. Jung won the third game 18-21.

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