Saina Nehwal beat Chinese Wang Yihan in the quarter finals in a nail biting 3 three sets 21-15,19-21 and 21-19 in the quarter finals of BWF World Championship at Jakarta just few moments ago. It was a close match as both players were played excllent shots.

Both the players started playing cautiously taken almost one or two points alternately. There were no big rallies before the interval when Sania led 11-10. Saina took a lead of 15-11 thereafter. Wang did break the service but could gather only one point. Tow wide of base line shots took Saina to 18- 13. Two good rallies went in favor of Wang took her to 15 but Saina earned her 19th point with an excellent placement. Next piotn was also in her favor and final game point came out of an net shot first game going to Saina at 21-15. Wang progressed to second point before she hit the shuttle giving Saina her point

In the second game Saina serving lost the first point to net placement. Then followed a good rally going in favor of Wang that was challenge and lost the appeal giving the opponent a lead of 4-1. Then Saina recovered to 4-3 but Wang could not hold her service. Saina earned a point to equal at 5 as Wang put the shuttle in net. Sania earned next point that was equalled by Wang very next moment and she also took lead of a point before the score was equalled at 7 all. It wa s Sania’s turn to take lead of 2 points. Wang cam back and her 8th point to give away Saina her 10th and 11th points in next rallies and at interval Saina was leading 11-8. After interval both players earned a point each and then Saina earned her 13th point after a good rally. Wang gathered 4 successive points to bridge the gap and equal the scorer at 13 all and take a lead of 15-13. Then followed a big rally finally going in favor of Wang taking her to 16-13. She also earned her 17th point. Then Saina broke the service with good placement. Sain hit wide again twice. Saina earned next point due to mis-judgement of line call by Wang. Wang earned her 20th point. Saina recovered to get her 18th and 19th point as Wang hit out but Wang gathered herself and won the game at 21-19.


In the decider Wang started to serve and earned her first point from a forceful shot. She also earned her second point next shot in the net got Saina her first point but could not hold on. Wang progressed to 4-1 lead. A good rally followed by cracking shot earned Sania her second point. The game started swinging both sides but Wang earned 2 points as against one of Saina every time Wang taking lead of 7-4 then 8-5 with nice placement. Saina came back to equal at 8-8. A wide hit buy Saina a again led Wang to 9 but that was equalled soon. A wide placement by Saina got Wang again into lead, that was equalled again in very next service. The process of earning one point alternately continued and Wang lead 11-10 at half time. A very close fight but not as interesting as that of Sindhu & Sung. Another wide hit by Saina down the line gave wang her 12th point.  Wang’s placement was superb to take 2 point lead again, but Saina earned her 12th point but gave next point to the opponent. A bold shot by Saina followed and next point to take to take score to 14-14 as Wang put the shuttle in net. Both kept the pressure on each other taking score to 15 all and quickly Wang surging ahead by 2 point due to fine placement. Saina paid back with deceptive placement but Wang again surged ahead to 18-16. Saina got her 17th point by an excellent shot and equalled her score at 18-18 a lucky point as to touched the net and fell on the Wang’s court. Saina’s powerful shot earned her 19th point and lead. Next a superb rally equalled the score and Wang put the shuttle to give Saina  20th point. Saina earned her winning point and the match with an excellent cross court shot.

She is now is assured of a medal.

    I am pavan Suresh. I have done my schooling from LPS. I am big fan of sports especially cricket and want to become a sports journalist. I want to write cricket articles.

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