BWF World Championship: Saina reaches maiden World Championship final

Pavan Suresh / 15 August 2015

Saina Nehwal beat Fanteri in the straight sets 21-17,21-17 in the semi final of the World Championship played at Jakarta just few moments ago. It was an excellent effort by Fanteri but Saina proved too much for Fanteri

Fanteri started the service with a small rally put the shuttle in net giving Saina her first point. Saina also gave away her service hitting wide the return. Fanteri surged to 3-1 lead taking continued her service up to 6 points. Saina also took 2 points but a misjudgment of line call costed her adding a point to the opponent. After a break to attend knee injury of Fanteri; points started flowing alternately. An excellent drop took Fanteri to 9-7 lead. Saina equalled the score at 9 after a good ending in a wide hit by Indonesian. Saina service was declared fault but Fanteri also could not hold her service as was to able to reach a back placement after good rally taking Saina to 11-10 at interval. Saina served after resumption and earned another point but lost her next serve so did Fanteri thereafter. Saina earned 2 points and for the third successive point LR called video review and succeeded taking score to 14-12. After a small rally Saina’s wide hit gave Fanteri her 13th point. Then both earned one point alternatively till Fanteri equalled at 15-15. Alternate point gamed continued till Saina Surged to 18-16. Saina with baseline forceful shot earned her 19th point and after a rally she got her 20th also as Fanteri put the shuttle in nets. The final point also came to Saina after a good rally as opponent hit wide. With this Saina won the game at 21-17.


Second game started with serve and earned appoint through a forceful shot. An excellent shot on body by Nehwal was pushed out of court. Fanteri fell down in a effort to take net placement and was seen to be in pain. Then alternate points earning process continued till 6 all after small rallies. Then Saina earned 2 points to take lead of 8-6. But Fanetri earned to point to equal at 8 all and moved forward to take a lead of one point but again Saina equalled at 9. At interval Saina led 11-10. After resumption Saina’s service was broken and score equaled at 11. Fanteri could not held services as she hit out of base line and Sania surged ahead to 14-11, but next wide shot costed her a point. It was Fanteri’s turn to catch up Saina at 14 all. For the next wide hit Fanteri asked for a video review that went in favor of Saina. She took next point also to lead 17–14 through by 2 excellent shots as next 2 points went to LF through good placements but next hit in nets by Fanteri got Saina her 18th point but she did similar thing in the next rally. LF was not able to reach the net placement and also hit the next one wide to get Saina a lead of 20-17. After a good rally Saina won her game and match winning point as LF hit wide.

Saina Nehwal thus enters the final of world championship for the first time.

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