P Kashayp lost to Tien in three sets 21-17, 13-21 and 19-21 in the second round of the BWF World Championship played at Jakarta just few moments ago. It was a good performance by Kashyap but too many errors were done to give free points away to the opponent.

The match started sedately with bot playing cautiously taking one point alternately to reach 6 all. Then Kashyap took two points successively to take the lead to 8-6. Soon Nguyen came back in the game taking 3 points before Kashyap ended with nice drop to equal again at 9 all. Kashyap put the shuttle into net after a brief rally followed by mis-judgment by Nguyen. Kashyap again hit a shot after the drop was given back at a convenient height to lead 11-10. After the break Kashyap earned 3 points in succession as the opponent hit wide or put into net. Then Kashyap also hit 2 times wide to narrow the gap to 14-12, P Kashyap taking next 2 points as against 1 of Nugyen leading 16-13. Then came a super rally before Kashyap hit wide of base line after a small rally Nugyen hit it wide taking lead to 17-14, followed by earning of 2 points by Nguyen to narrow the gap to 17-16. Kashyap took next point with a good net placement. A good rally followed by wide hit by Nugyen took Kashyap to 19-16 lead, followed by another excellent shot after a brief rally took him to game point as the opponent put shuttle in net. He finally won the game at 21-17 displaying super game. 

Second game kashyap started with serve and earned the first 2 points as he put the third in the net. Sob Nugyen took lead but Kashyap came back to equal 3 all with a great shot. Nugyen took 3 points in a row before Kashyap broke the service. Kashyap came back after a good a rally to equal at 6 all and moved ahead .Soon the score was 7 all as Nugyen won a point after an excellent rally and also took 4 more points mainly due to errors of Kahyap then a wide hit of base line Kashyap a point but very next point was taken by Nguyen to lead 12-8. Nugyen progressed fast to 17-9 lead due to errors of Kashyap hitting wide or putting in net. Then Kashyap started playing better earning 3 points. Kashyap put his serve in net giving opposite 20-13 and Nguyen won the game at 21-13.

In Third and decider set both players started cautiously taking alternate points though Kashyap reached 10-8 and then Nugyen came back to halt his progress but Kashyap managed to reach 11-10 at interval. The battle continued each earning a point to reach 13 all and Nugyen moved ahead by 2 points before Kashyap broke his service. But the joy was not for a long. An excellent rally of 5 points followed by Nugyen hitting wide to reduce the gap to just 1 point at 16-15 in favor of Nugyen. Again alternate points followed by Nugyen hitting out level led the score at all, but the next rally ended Kashyap hitting in nets. Next Nugyen hit beyond base line to equal at 18-18. It was Kashyap’s turn to hit wide twice and giving lead to the opponent at 20-18 and finally put into net to lose the game at 18-21 and the match  21-17, 13-21, and 19-21.

    I am pavan Suresh. I have done my schooling from LPS. I am big fan of sports especially cricket and want to become a sports journalist. I want to write cricket articles.

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