Clive Rice, the 65 years old South African cricket legend would be visiting to India in the next some days to get a brain tumor treatment after he slumped at his home as a output of it.

Sport24 reported that it has been reportedly disclosed that the former South African all-rounder crumbled over the weekend and after some necessary scans, it was known that the Brain tumor is too deep down in his brain for a neurosurgeon to deportment invasive surgery to clear it. And because of that the South African legend is travelling to India in the next few days to get it removed.

The report added that Rice’s career coexisted directly with South Africa’s sporting separation, and his international experience was restricted to his post-prime days. The 65 years old South Africa all-rounder played 3 One Day Internationals following the country’s come back from sporting separation against India in 1991.

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