ICC plans new league system for ODI cricket
ICC plans new league system for ODI cricket

In a talk with ESPNcricinfo, the chief external affair officer at the U.S. Olympic committee, Patrick Sandusky said that the T20 tournament should be added to the Olympics, adding it will easily fit in the schedule. He urges that letter from ICC requesting Olympics committee to add cricket to the schedule have a very good chance of being accepted by the Olympic committee.

Cricket has earlier been part of 1900 summer Olympics. There was only one match played between The Great Britain and France. Great Britain won the match by 158 runs.

“I see the Olympics as the pinnacle of sport and the greatest sports festival there is but I think cricket needs to [make a decision] on their own time, whatever that is,” “I don’t know enough about the internal governance of the ICC and how it would relate into bidding for a potential future slot, but I’d certainly think that Twenty20 cricket at least is a very natural fit in terms of numbers/size of teams, number of days a tournament can be played in and could it fit with an Olympic calendar, not unlike a Rugby Sevens tournament.”

“One of the things we have in the United States is we’ve got a lot of people that are really good at hand-eye (coordination), ball, bat, and catching, We’ve had success converting American football players into a successful Rugby Sevens team. We now have a Rugby Sevens team going to the Olympics and it’s not inconceivable that they could be a medallist.

“Rugby Sevens didn’t exist as a sport ten years ago in the United States. First and foremost, it’s realistic getting the right things in place to get the right people exposed to the sport. I think we have a lot of athletes out there that have the appropriate skill. Obviously, they don’t know the sport itself and the strategies around it but much like Rugby Sevens, I think there’s an opportunity there.” Sandusky said.


On one side where the Patrick Sandusky is making efforts to add cricket to the Olympics, on the other side, the ICC’s head of global development Tim Anderson quoted to ESPNcricinfo that it is difficult to fit cricket in Olympics calendar.

Akeem Dodson, USA wicket-keeper batsman too has expressed his desire to play T20 cricket in Olympic rather than World T20.

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