India captain Virat Kohli slams head coach Ravi Shastri's critics

India captain Virat Kohli slams head coach Ravi Shastri’s critics

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Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri. BCCI

The India skipper Virat Kohli on Saturday slammed the trolls trying to pull down India coach Ravi Shastri. He has dubbed the relentless trolling of the coach as “agenda-driven”. Taking about people calling Shastri as his “yes man”, Kohli said that the coach is the only person in the team to have said him no most of the time.

Time and again, the friendship between the Indian coach Ravi Shastri and skipper Virat Kohli has been questioned. The bad experiences the team has faced in the cricket, the few tricky decisions that had led them out of the important decisions. All these situations had been thrown at the coach of the team India.

However, on a show of India Today, Kohli said that despite all the trolling, “Ravi Bhai” is chilled and focused on lifting the team to the top.

Kohli: ‘His only focus is how we can be the best team of all time’

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Showing his ambiguous support to the teams’ coach, Kohli declared that these trolls could only be “agenda-driven”.

 He said that if one person would have written it out there randomly, then people would have just passed it with time. But as it has not been the situation, he believes that it is the only reason he could come up with.

“I think most of these things are agenda-driven and I don’t know whose, why, what for, but to accept lies in that manner, it couldn’t be anything but agenda-driven,” Kohli told India Today on its special show ‘Inspiration’

”… In Ravi bhai’s case, luckily, he is a person that doesn’t care at all.”

Kohli firmly asked “Ravi Bhai’s” trollers to first be in through the conditions that Ravi Shastri has been and then debate on his failures or teams’ in that manner.

“(Promoted from) number 10 to opener and got an average of 41 as an opener, he is not going to be bothered about someone sitting at home and trolling him. Because if you want to troll a guy who has done that, then get up, face those bowlers, do what he has done, have the clarity to do it, have the courage to do it, then have a debate with that guy,” Kohli said in his message to the trolls.

Further, he added that the coach is a chilled out person. Kohli said that his main focus is to promote the team India to the top and best team of all the time.

“He is absolutely chilled out; he says our only focus is how we can be the best team of all time. I think these petty things on the outside; they don’t matter at all to him.”

In July this year, Shastri was re-appointed as head coach that will see him hold the post till the T20 World Cup in 2021.

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Meanwhile, India has performed really well under the guidance of Ravi Shastri. He steered the team to an ODI series win in South Africa and Australia as well as a Test series win on Australian soil.

India also won a Test in South Africa, England as well as an ODI series in New Zealand. On the other hand, the Men in Blue emerged as the winners during the Asia Cup last year.

And then the present show the team has put on in the on-going World Test Championship couldn’t be ignored. India are the top-ranked team in the ICC Test series list for three years now.