Not only Ganguly, even Sachin and Laxman favored Kumble over Shastri
Not only Ganguly, even Sachin and Laxman favored Kumble over Shastri

The selection procedure to appoint India’s new head coach was expected to be completely transparent and fair.

But like it or not, BCCI has to admit that it has now turned into yet another controversy.

It all started when Ravi Shastri allegedly claimed Sourav Ganguly was disrespectful to him by not being present during the interview process.

Shastri was pissed off because he thought Ganguly would have asked some questions if he was present and that could have strengthened his position. It’s an open secret now that the CAB president is at present an immensely powerful administrator. His ties with Anurag Thakur are rather close and the two are expected to take Indian cricket to the next level.

After a few days of silence, Dada decided to hit back at the former team director and he hit it hard. If Shastri was serious, he should have been present in Kolkata and not in Thailand, suggested the former Indian captain.

From Ravi’s statements, it was quite evident he was trying to pin the blame of not getting selected for the top job because of Ganguly’s views or opinion.

Ganguly himself claimed that Ravi was living in a fool’s world if he thought that.

In fact, BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke told the Times of India that not just Ganguly but also Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman selected Anil Kumble over Shastri

“Let me make it clear to you that it was not only Ganguly but all the four members of our Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) were in favour of Kumble becoming the coach of the Indian team. Kumble was the unanimous choice. So, Ganguly missing the interview, for which he had taken prior permission, didn’t make any difference to the process or the result, which would have gone in Kumble’s favour in any case,“ Shirke told TOI.

There were some reports suggesting a split in the CAC over the choice of coach. However, Shirke’s clarification has now put those rumors to rest.

Interestingly, India’s Test skipper Virat Kohli was believed to be not consulted by the BCCI or even the CAC before making the final decision.

“Virat Kohli wasn’t consulted. The decision was solely made by the board’s CAC,“ he said.


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