We Have Faced Death Threats For Supporting 'Black Lives Matter' Movement: Graeme Smith
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We Have Faced Death Threats For Supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement: Graeme Smith

Former South African captain Graeme Smith has made a shocking admission regarding facing abuse and death threats on their support for ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. On 25th of May, 2020 — George Floyd, an African-American man was killed during an arrest after allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis. This gave rise to massive protests against racism all across the globe.

The movement has found support from some of the elite athletes and sporting organizations in the world. Cricket players from the West Indies and South Africa were also active in raising their voice to end the racial discrimination which has been a prevailing problem for a long time.

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We’ve Taken An Immense Amount Of Abuse, Death Threats: Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith, who is also the Director of Cricket for South Africa, has revealed the immense backlash they faced due to their support to the BLM movement. Even notable former players had criticised them which came as a shocker. South Africa has had a long history of racism and has suffered a lot because of the same. Smith defended South African pacer Lungi Ngidi, who was criticised on his opinion.

“It’s been a really challenging experience. All of us have found ourselves in a really heated space. We’ve taken an immense amount of abuse, death threats. It’s been an eye-opening experience. It has shocked me how heated things have got.

Graeme Smith
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“Lungi, to my mind, said nothing wrong,” Graeme Smith said. “He expressed an opinion. He didn’t make a statement. He expressed the fact that the team was going to get together and have a conversation. In no way did he deserve to be attacked. What happened to him and the way the guys came at him is entirely wrong,” Smith said during a webinar hosted by a financial services company on Tuesday.

Graeme Smith Reveals South Africa’s Issues

The former cricketer also mentioned about the South African government being incompetent in ruling the country right, result in being everyday problems. Graeme Smith feels people might be taking out the government’s frustration over them.

“I get that in South Africa we’ve got so many issues. In some ways it’s felt like we’re bearing the brunt for government not having delivered on a number of things over the years and the frustration over that. You pick up the paper or you click online and you see all the negativity and the disappointment and the frustration in people’s lives, and livelihoods being affected,” Smith added.

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The CSA (Cricket South Africa) which is headed by Graeme Smith, has been in an appalling financial situation for some time now, which has only worsened amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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