ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Umpire Bruce Oxenford escapes from getting hit on his Birthday

Sampath Bandarupalli / 05 March 2015

Umpire Bruce Oxenford had a horrific outing on his 55th birthday during the Group A fixture between Bangladesh & Scotland in Cricket World Cup 2015 at Nelson, New Zealand.

During 13th over of Scotland’s innings, bowled by Mahmudullah, Bruce stood at square leg position. He almost got hit by the ball which was played down as a sweep by Coetzer. But it was the timed bend down from the 55 year old, helping him to escape from a massive blow which could have costed his life.

Here is the Video:

Bruce Oxenford, who is into his 56th year, stood in 66th ODI as an umpire on field, 100th ODI including 34 ODIs as TV umpire. The 55 year old Australia has a record of standing in 21 Tests (and 12 tests as TV umpire) and 17 T20Is (and 8 T20Is as TV umpire) over the span of 5 years.

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