Pakistan’s Mohammad Hafeez, who had to fly to Brisbane on February 6 for the official test on his bowling action, will miss the test due to a foot injury. 

The PCB has asked the ICC to push back the date of the official test and the new testing date is expected to come after February 10, putting further doubt on Hafeez’s availability for bowling in Pakistan’s World Cup opener against India on February 15th. 
Earlier this January, Hafeez failed the unofficial test on his bowling action. He bowled a total of 11 deliveries (6 from over the wicket and 5 from around the wicket)and the average flex in the deliveries bowled from over the wicket was 16 degrees. Of the five deliveries bowled round the wicket, two had 17 and 19 degrees of flex respectively. 
If he fails the official test (whenever the date comes), the ICC’s Bowling Review Group (BRG) will specify a period during which Hafeez will not be entitled to approach the ICC for reassessment.


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