Australian players have had a history of putting umpires under pressure to win games. Whether claiming a dropped catch or not, walking back even after edging the ball. Aussies are the ones who have a poor track record when it comes to showing honesty on the field and today again we saw some glimpses on the field which forced Indian skipper Virat Kohli to approach to the umpire to prevent Smith from doing unethical act.

It was a second delivery of 21st over from Umesh Yadav when a delivery from him kept low. Umpire declared Smith out. The batsman was in two minds whether to go for a review or not and after getting an unclear indication from his partner, Smith looked towards dressing room to inquire whether it is out not.

Virat Kohli soon ran towards umpire to complain about the act and through this, the Indian team prevented Smith from breaching the DRS rule.

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