Indian cricketers who married people from different religion

Love is something that knows no boundary. Be it the distance, be it financial status or be it religion, love is something that looks beyond everything to unite two hearts. And the bond that strengthens the pull of love is marriage. Like every other person, cricketers also fall in love and there have been cases when they have stepped out of religious inhibitions and married someone who nurtures different religious views. Here are the top five Indian cricketers who married people belonging to different religious backgrounds.


Mohammad Azharuddin – Sangeeta Bijlani

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An array of rumors proved themselves to be true when then skipper of Indian cricket team Mohammad Azharuddin married model-turned-actress Sangita Bijlani. Azhar had a marriage prior to Sangeeta, whom he divorced and moved on with the actress who is a Hindu while the cricketer supports Islam. Though it made much news, the marriage wasn’t a fruitful one as the couple got separated after 9 years of their togetherness.


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