"It makes no sense when Anushka Sharma is blamed": Sania Mirza

Anushka Sharma Blamed If Virat Kohli Makes A Zero, It Makes No Sense: Sania Mirza

Indian tennis player Sania Mirza is the wife of Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik. She has been repeatedly remarked as the distraction for his husband. In India Economic Summit in Mumbai on Thursday, she openly talks about being woman remarked as a distraction.

Sania Mirza to keep her point gives the example of Anushka Sharma. In her view, anyone can not blame Anushka if Virat Kohli gets out because there is no logical connection between the too. She said it “makes no sense”

“Anushka Sharma is blamed if Virat makes a zero, like what does that have anything to do with anything. Anushka Sharma is blamed if Virat makes a zero.”

“Many times, including our cricket team and in many teams I have seen that wives or girlfriends are not allowed on tour because the boys will be distracted,” Sania Mirza added.

“What does that mean? What is it that the women are doing that is going to distract the men so much?” Mirza asked.

Sania Mirza, Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli
Indian tennis star Sania Mirza.

Sania Mirza spoke about a deeper problem

Sania has not played for two years after giving birth to the baby boy Izhaan. She last played in 2017 in the China Open. In Grand Slams, Sania holds three women’s doubles titles and three more in mixed doubles. She is planning to return to the game next year. The Indian tennis star expresses that women should be addressed as a strength rather a distraction.

“See the thing is that comes from a deeper problem which says that a woman is a distraction she cannot be a strength,” said the tennis star.

“If we address the problem that a woman can be a strength or is a strength rather than a distraction or a weakness we might conquer these issues,” Sania said.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli is busy in playing the Test match against South Africa in Visakhapatnam. The second Test match will begin in Pune on 10th October.

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