India captain Virat Kohli is known to never miss on his fitness routines no matter if he is on travel or on a cricket field.

Widely recognised as one of the fittest cricketers around, Kohli has set an example for other players too. His fitness level has caught the attention of many cricketers but there is also a secret ingredient which plays a vital role in Kohli’s success.

The water bottle is imported from France and costs about Rs. 600 per litre.

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Kohli’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma recollected days when butter chicken, Kathi rolls and mutton rolls would be his staple diet. Virat was a foodie but have to curb his longings for his fitness and not only the diet, he now takes fitness water from France from a brand named Evian. The water is extracted from spring in rural areas of France.

Rajkumar said while athletes and pundits across the world admire Kohli’s work ethics and fitness regime, the coach just admires the sacrifices that the Delhi boy has made in order to reach the pinnacle.

“Kohli once told me, if I don’t set the benchmark as captain, who else will? Even as the world looks on in wonder, I know the boy behind the man. He used to gorge on butter chicken, rolls and all sorts of fast food. But today, it finds no place in his diet.

“In fact, he is so particular about his diet, that even when he comes over to my place, he won’t have packaged juices. You either give him fresh fruit juice or you don’t. Carbs are a strict no-no and there are no binge days in his routine anymore,” he revealed.

But for Rajkumar, more than the diet and the fitness regime, it is the dedication with which Kohli sticks to his routine that the coach is proud of.

“See, it is easy to do these things for a short or particular span of time. But to make it a constant routine and lifestyle is what makes me proud. The kind of sacrifices he has made at this young age is something that even we can’t at our age.”

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