LEAKED: South Africa's plan for New Zealand Batsmen leaked ahead of the First ODI

Vicky / 19 August 2015

A dossier which had South Africa’s bowling plans against New Zealand batsmen was accidentally slipped under the wrong hotel door. The copy that was to be delivered to South African Pacer Dale Steyn was delivered to someone in the same hotel and he chose to share it on his social media account on Facebook. 

The dossier had plans for each and every batsman from New Zealand. It was specific as it had the areas to bowl, when and how to imply the short ball and what lengths and lines to be bowled while bowling to the same set of batsmen in the death overs.

This though is not the first time that a dossier has been leaked, earlier Australian team’s plans for South Africa’s batsmen was revealed to the media on the eve of their Test series in November 2012, while some accused former coach John Buchanan of deliberately leaking team plans though others insist it was just a case of wrong hotel doors.

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