Indian pacer Mohammed Shami (Photo | PTI)
Indian pacer Mohammed Shami (Photo | PTI)

Mohammed Shami, the Indian pacer was ordered by a Kolkata court on Monday to pay a monthly alimony of Rs 1.30 lakh to his estranged wife Hasin Jahan. Out of the Rs 1.30 lakh, Rs 50,000 will be the personal alimony to Hasin Jahan and the remaining Rs 80,000 will be the cost of maintenance of their daughter who is staying with her.

In 2018, Hasin Jahan filed a suit in the court demanding a monthly alimony of Rs 10 lakh, out of which Rs 7,00,000 will be her personal alimony and the remaining Rs 3,00,000 will be on account of the maintenance cost of their daughter.

Mohammed Shami with wife Hasin Jahan - Facebook
Mohammed Shami with wife Hasin Jahan – Facebook

Mohammed Shami Ordered By Kolkata Court To Pay Monthly Alimony Of Rs 1.3 Lakh To Estranged Wife Hasin Jahan

Her counsel Mriganka Mistry informed the court that as per the income tax returns of the Indian pacer for the financial year 2020-1, his annual income for that fiscal was over Rs 7 crore, and on the basis of that, the demand for a monthly alimony of Rs 10 lakhs was not unjustified.

However, Selim Rahman, the counsel for Mohammed Shami, claimed that since Hasin Jahan herself was having a steady income source by working as a professional fashion model, the demand for that high alimony amount was not justified.

Hasin Jahan has been living separately with her daughter for a long time due to a dispute with the pacer. On Monday, January 23, a court in Kolkata ordered the Indian pacer Mohammed Shami to pay his former wife Hasin Jahan a sum of INR 1.30 lakh in alimony every month.

Mohammad Shami / AFP / Jewel SAMAD (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)
Mohammad Shami / AFP / Jewel SAMAD (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Finally, after hearing both sides, the lower court, on Monday, fixed the monthly alimony amount at Rs 1.30 lakh. Although expressing gratitude over the court’s directive, Hasin Jahan claimed that she would have been relieved had the monthly alimony amount been higher. There was no reaction from the Indian pacer on this count till the report was filed.

Hasin Jahan Took A Veiled Attack Against Mohammed Shami During Asia Cup 2022

On September last year after the victory of the Indian team against Pakistan at Asia Cup 2022, Hasin Jahan shared on social media a photo of Hardik Pandya, who led India to victory with a six and there she took a veiled attack against Mohammed Shami, who was not in the Indian squad.

“Congratulations. A memorable victory. Thanks to our Tigers for helping the country win. This had to happen; the country’s reputation and honour are protected by honest patriots rather than criminals and womanisers,” her post then had read.

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya (Credits: Twitter)

The post sparked widespread outrage among fans and many criticized Hasin Jahan for her veiled attack on Mohammed Shami. Hasin Jahan will take the matter to a higher court for more payment. The verdict was delivered on Monday, January 23, by Alipore court judge Anindita Ganguly. She fought with Mohammed Shami accusing him of adultery and domestic abuse.