Indian captain MS Dhoni has revealed how in his early days people did not recognise him. Dhoni was an unknown quantity when he came into the Indian team. People used to confuse his hometown Ranchi with Karachi. Jharkhand has not been a traditional cricketing centre and this showed.

Dhoni said, “Just before my debut I was in Kenya. When I scored a century several people asked me where I belong to. When I said Ranchi, they said, okay, after partition your Mummy and Papa must have come to this side. I said not Karachi, Ranchi (confusing Ranchi with Karachi).”

He added, “Whichever foreign player I interacted with, everyone has said this is one of the best stadiums in India and among the top two in the world where cricket is played. When I first saw the site of this stadium it was difficult to imagine that the stadium can be like this.”

Dhoni was sharing his experience after JSCA president Amitabh Choudhary said that the cricketer had made the city of Ranchi popular.


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