Ness Wadia: Even One Positive Corona Case Would Doom The IPL

Ness Wadia: Even One Positive Corona Case Would Doom The IPL

Ness Wadia. Credits: BCCI/IPL.

Kings XI Punjab owner Ness Wadia wants BCCI to focus on no coronavirus cases and the player’s safety instead of caring more about the title sponsorship of the IPL 2020. The BCCI has yet not confirmed, that the title sponsors VIVO has pulled out of the sponsorship. It is most likely that they will back out of the 440 crores per year sponsorship at least for this year because of the diplomatic tensions between India and China.

Ness Wadia said there are enough sponsors for the IPL 2020 to replace VIVO if such situation arises. He also said that the team owners are more concerned about the players and the staff involved’s safety and health. Following the high tensions on Indo- China borders, Ness Wadia wants the IPL to move away from the Chinese sponsors.

Ness Wadia
Kings XI Punjab co-owner Ness Wadia. Credits: BCCI/IPL

The Sponsors Would Negotiate Hard Feels Ness Wadia

The Kings XI Punjab owner told PTI after a owners’ meeting “There is much speculation going on. I think it is ridiculous. The only thing we (team owners) know is that the IPL is happening. We are very concerned about the safety of the players and all others involved. Even if there is one case, the IPL could be doomed.”.

“I don’t know what the BCCI has decided on title sponsorship. All the team owners had a productive meeting and are on the same page to make IPL a success. We need to support the BCCI and will be meeting again soon,” he said.

IPL 2020, BCCI,
IPL 2020 (Credits: Twitter)

The post-pandemic conditions have led to a financial crunch for many and hence any possible sponsors will be negotiating hard says Ness Wadia. He believes that this would be the most-watched IPL

“All the sponsors are going to negotiate hard but I will change by name if it is not the most watched IPL ever. It will be the best ever IPL. You mark my words. Sponsors would be foolish not to be part of IPL this year.It would be a wrong commercial decision on their part to not be a part of the IPL. I truly believe that if I was a sponsor, I would be jump right in,” Ness Wadia said.

Ness Wadia wants BCCI to lay emphasis on safety measures

“The BCCI has sent an exhaustive 16-page SOP to teams for smooth conduct of the tournament. It requires players, support staff, team officials and owners to be part of a bio-secure environment,” Wadia said.

BCCI SOP for State association
BCCI. Image Credit: Twitter.

“We have to adjust and acclimatise to the (bio-secure) environment. One case could kill the IPL. Extraneous circumstances require ordinary people to do extraordinary things,” he added.

The BCCI has sent a detailed 16 page SOP to be followed by the players, staff and owners during the tournament. BCCI has laid its protocol that Indian players need to test negative five times prior to their training in UAE and will be subsequently tested for coronavirus in every five days during the IPL.