The promo video of Sachin’s book ‘ Playing it my Way ‘ is out on YouTube. In the video Sachin speaks of the problems he had to face because of his young age. 

Before the team was selected for India’s tour to West Indies, many felt that Sachin will make the cut but many felt Sachin is too young for it. With the sort of pacers West Indies had, there was always a doubt if Sachin is good enough to face them. But even in an interview then, Sachin said he likes to face pace bowling and will not be troubled by the pace of Marshall and Holding.

In the video , Sachin also talks about someone( though not revealed in the video) , who talked with him and raised his confidence level and said he will try his best to get him into the team soon.

Though Sachin could not make it into the squad for the Windies tour, but he made it for the next Indian series to be played against Pakistan in Pakistan.

Promo Video here:


Image credits: YouTube

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