Rahul Dravid challenges Virat Kohli, What for? Check it out

Praveen / 30 July 2015

There is no other better person in slips other than the Indian legend Rahul Dravid. The former no.3 batsman of India has taken 210 catches in slips in his successful Test career.

Rahul Dravid recently took up the Lords catching challenge which has been doing rounds for sometime now. Rahul Dravid managed to take just 9 catches. The other two persons along with Rahul Dravid managed to catch more than him.

Rahul Dravid said that Lord’s catching challenge is funny and pretty cool and said I’m not properly dressed to take up the challenge (laughs).

Rahul Dravid challenged the Indian batting sensation Virat Kohli to take the Lords Catching challenge. 

Check out the video of Rahul Dravid taking up the Lords catching challenge:


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