Richie Benaud, the father of cricket commentary, will return to work at Channel Nine for the three T20 internationals between Australia and South Africa. Benaud, 84, met with a serious car accident on 24th October 2013, where he lost control and hit a parked car and then a small brick fence. 

Channel Nine’s head of sport Steve Crawley today told Fairfax Media that he was delighted to have Benaud back. 

He said:

Richie is coming in to voice a teaser for the first T20 next week. That is the first bit of work Richie has done in more than a year since his car accident. In his words, he is moving along slowly but happily. It will be lovely to have him launching our summer of cricket next week.” 

It would be really great to hear some golden words of commentary from him again. The South Africa-Australia clash is always exciting and with Benaud’s return to the commentary for their T20s would definitely add that extra spark in the match. 

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