To huge adulation and fanfare, Sachin Tendulkar wax statue was installed about two years earlier at Madame Tussaud’s  in Sydney. However, the statue was relocated to one of the museum’s Bangkok facilities which the museum supervisor divulged to be a routine incident, as the jersey put on the statue was of ICC T20 world cup, a tournament that Sachin had never participated in, something that was imminently reported by mid-day to the authorities, who provided assurance that the necessary changes would be perpetrated.

The museum had promised a permanent fixture for Sachin’s statue, something that was broken after another journalist failed to find the statue after he visited the museum recently. The matter was to the surprise of a lot of tourist’s and cricket enthusiasts who had harangued the sparsely populated country for the world cup in one of its largest cities. also hosted a semi-final.



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