Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar bashed the Indian cricket Team director Ravi Shastri on Twitter saying attitude is not the issue with the team. They lack skills.

Ravi Shastri in his pre-match press conference told reporters that “We won’t change our style of play. It will be exactly like how it was in the first match. We made one mistake (in the first game). Of course to close it out we will have to walk the distance… till the end,” 

Asked if the team was under pressure, the former captain responded in negative. 

“It was not a question of buckling under pressure. They sensed the pitch could deteriorate. The pressure was brought on. My general feeling is that if they can get one (victory) on the board it will be the start of many,” he said, stressing the need to have one good win under their belt.

“They go out with intent. The endeavour of this team is to play fearless cricket that comes with mindset. These boys have enough talent, I am sure they must have thought after the match why I didn’t play this shot, why I didn’t play in this manner”, Shastri further added

This is what Sanjay Manjrekar had to say: 



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