Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar sits fourth in the list in most number of centuries as a Test captain; seven.

India’s tour of Sri Lanka is all set to commence from the 26th of July. The series is a highly anticipated one as the two teams have been traditional rivals. The recent form of the two sides has been a little contrasting, to say the least. While India goes into the series as the first ranked Test side, Sri Lanka were brought in for a serious reality check at the hands of Zimbabwe.


Series wise, it is safe to assert that India will begin as the sheer favourites. The Virat Kohli side previously played in whites against Australia, at home in March, in what was a genuinely thrilling series. India eventually won the four match affair 2-1.


Traditionally, the Test matches between the two sides have been dominated just by the batsmen. Viewers have seen numerous tests between these teams when mammoth totals have been scaled. The most significant reason for that has been the nature of wickets. Pitches in both the nations have been a boon for the batsmen. Secondly, the quality of batsmen produced by the two Asian neighbours has been unparalleled. Thus, it is only fair, to mention the most successful batsmen from this rivalry.


In this article, we glance through the top 5 run getters in test matches played between India and Sri Lanka.



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