The widest of wides: The batsman went outside the crease to hit a ball

Paulami Chakraborty / 12 August 2015

Cricket is an old man who has seen many odds. From bizarre fights to awesome feats, it has them all.But some incidents just make a mark in the history, some for good and the rest, for the bad. Here is one delivery by Indian off-breaker Ravindra Jadeja that got the title of one of the worst balls in test cricket history.

India were up against England for a test match and it was one of the early days of Jadeja’s career. He took the run run up against Jonathan Trott but in the time of delivery was in double mind out of which it resulted in a faulty delivery. It seemed hardly reaching the other side of the crease as it dropped seven times and crossed the pitch to go way wide the on stumps. Before the umpire could react to it, Trott added some salt to the wound walking down the ball and hitting it hard for a boundary.

Here is a visual aid-

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