In a hilarious encounter during an England Vs. Australia Test match, there was a brief delay because of issues with the side-screen. Shane Warne was perplexed as to why Andrew Flintoff was delaying the delivery. There was a shot where even Michael Vaughan was confused and staring at the distraction behind the bowler’s end.

As it turned out the disruption of play was indeed a beautiful one. The visual delight for the men was three gorgeous cheerleaders apparently dressing up right in the line of view of the batsman.

Tony Greig added his own touch of spice to the situation with his amusing lines “Cheerleaders changing the bowler’s arm? That’s enough to put off any batsman off”  and followed it up with “Gotta keep an eye on them”.

Such classic Tony Greig lines never fail to put a smile on everyone’s faces.



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