Cricket is dull when there is no controversy, perhaps this is what makes the sport even more intriguing. Though it’s termed the Gentleman’s game, it is ideally a contest between the bat and the ball. But then we have left the age of ideas a long time ago. These days every player tries his level best to perform on the global stage. This immense performance pressure coupled with the wide coverage of the game causes severe tensions on the field. A snap comment or a witty remark is rebuked instantly by the players who do no longer take it as a joke. Also the art of sledging has developed, pioneered by Australia and now followed by all, which is aimed at distracting the batsman and causing him to lose his cool and ultimately fall. This article brings to the fore some of the biggest fights on the field of cricket.

5. Russel Arnold tastes a bit of Dadagiri


Sourav Ganguly plays his games passionately. And Bengali’s have swooned over him ever since he tore apart the notion of the ‘Bengali Bhadralok’ with his captaincy.  Russel Arnold got a taste of this, when he ran on the pitch while trying to steal a quick one of Anil Kumble during the 2002 Champions trophy final. A complaint by Dravid, heard by the umpire and acted upon by Ganguly ended in Ganguly and Arnold almost coming to a brawl. One of India’s astute cricket captains, ‘Dada’  knew that Sri Lanka had top spinners in its ranks and Arnold running on the pitch would help the spinners in the second innings.

4. Volley of Abuses – Gambhir vs. Afridi

Gambhir Afridi clash ( )
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When India and Pakistan enter the field no love is lost or born.With a boundary of his first ball, Afridi did not seem happy. And then Gambhir matched him eye per eye which resulted in a rain of verbal abuse not leading to murder.  The third ball of the over saw Gambhir brushing aside Afridi, who was standing in his way, as he scampered for a quickie. An angry Afridi lashed out and so did Gambhir. Ultimately the umpires came and cooled them off.

3. Lillee’s karate lesson

Pic –
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In a scene from a classic masala flick, Lillee tried to barge into JavedMiandad as he was completing a run. Javed, not known for a calm temperament decided to give it to Lillee verbally. And then as Miandad was retreating back to the crease, Lillee landed a soft kick on Miandad’s bum. A visibly upset Miandad raised his bat and threatened to hammer Lillee into the ground. In a way this, incident is funny also forLillee’s antics came when Miandadwas strolling for a single and there was no chance of him being run-out.

2. Warne and Samuels in the Big Bash

Pic: Getty images
Pic: Getty images

This is probably the second biggest fight in cricket history. It began when jokingly Marlon Samuels tried to grab Mike Hussey and prevent him from taking a second run. Hussey did not like it. Cut to the chase, where Samuels was batting and under pressure. Warne in his last ball went after him and started a verbal duel. Then the next over he threw the ball to hit Samuels. An angry Sam responded by throwing the bat in the air. It ended with the umpires coming in the middle.

1. The Sleeping Giant awakens.

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The only case of a physical between an on-field cricketer and crowd, the sleeping giant took offense about an Indian spectator insulting his family pack abs. The Indian fans called Inzamam -Alu (potato) leading him to go into the stands and start pulling out that man. Inzamam was finally calmed with a promise of 10 kg Mutton Biriyani.

Here is the video involving all the above fights. We hope you all enjoy it!!!






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