Jamaican Olympic Champion sprinter Usain Bolt and Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh pose for photographs after the match.

Harbhajan Singh and Usain Bolt do the mobot-style celebration

Yuvraj Singh and Usain Bolt after the Match. 

Usain Bolt hit 5 sixes in total including those he hit on Yuvraj Singh’s bowling. 

Usain Bolt did a somersault after winning the match against Team Yuvraj Singh.


Usain Bolt scored 45 runs, not out, from 19 balls with 5 sixes and 3 boundaries

Usain Bolt flexes his muscles. One of the reasons which helped him win the match. 

Usain Bolt ‘ALLOWED’ Yuvraj Singh to win the 100 mts race

Usain Bolt did it after his Olympic record winning race, Yuvraj Singh did it after beating Bolt. Yuvraj Singh doing it the ‘Usain Bolt’ way.




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