Virat Kohli has said if he gives 120% everyday he doesn't have to answer to anyone.

India’s dubious record in DRS continues. India had very bad series if we compare DRS records of both the sides. Till today’s review against Shaun Marsh, India turned the table little in favour of their side as in Ranchi till the end of day 4 all of their decisions were upheld but today again They goofed up.

Virat Kohli went up to check an LBW appeal against Shaun Marsh, Umesh Yadav bowled a short-pitched delivery which struck in Marsh in front of the wicket. Yadav in his follow through slipped and went to ground and was not able to see the ball, So Virat fully relying on Wridhiman Saha went upstairs but the appeal was struck down by the third umpire. Bowl was pitched way outside leg stump. In the end, it was all embarrassment for the Indian Captain Virat Kohli again in choosing DRS.

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