One of the biggest cheaters on a cricket field 

Cheating is fine until you are not getting caught. If you get caught, then people will not mercy you, make you culprit. On the cricket field, there are many examples where fielders tried to cheat umpires and technology. Some of them get caught. Ricky Ponting, who was levelled biggest cheater in the history of cricket by Indian fans as the Australian skipper appealed for a catch which was actually not a catch.

Sehwag, who was a victim of the appeal at Sydney Cricket Ground in 2008, Januray, said if Pointing did not appeal for a catch which umpires also misjudged the result of the match could have been different. Now is Ponting really the biggest cheater? No there are people worse than him. 

But, in this video you will see Roger Harper, former West Indies spinner tried to cheat Michael Bevan by appealing caught and bowled. But, see what happened.

Here is the video: 

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